Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bad Luck and Trouble by Lee Child

A decade has passed since a Reacher and seven others were members of an elite military team of special investigators. They had a slogan, "You do not mess with the special investigators". When one member of the team turns up dead, thrown out of a helicopter in the desert, Reacher receives a call for help in code from another member of the team. Reacher is on the next plane to avenge his comrades untimely death.

When I pick up a Reacher novel, I can count on action-packed suspense. Reacher has to be one of the most interesting protagonists on the crime fiction scene. He's such a complex human being, it's hard to figure him out. He's a charismatic man who's a bit of an anti-hero, a drifter, a loner, a man of honor and steel. In BAD LUCK AND TROUBLE we get insight into Reacher's past. While in most Reacher novels, he is very much a loner, in this outing he is part of a team. The dynamic is different, but still compelling and still very much Reacher. The characters introduced as part of the team are well written and developed. I hope that Lee Child uses them in a future novel. The plot was well-paced. There was never a dull moment in the unravelling of the story. It's not essential to read the other books in the series to enjoy this one, but the whole series is excellent and I recommend reading them all.

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